Product Details

Sliding Doors

Automatic system for opening sliding gates
 This system operates with mechanical movement, which reduces periodic maintenance
Designed for outdoor use and weatherproof
The system operates with very low direct current 24 volts for safety and security
It is characterized by quiet operation, low energy consumption, and frequent and continuous operation
The engine is equipped with thermal protection circuits that separate the engine from electricity
Temporarily on bad use
The possibility of connecting the system to a central system that has the feature of controlling the opening and closing of the door from any phone
The control unit for these devices is located inside the engine
There are varieties that weigh from 500 kg to 4000 kg
The system is equipped with a light indicator that works intermittently while operating the gate
Devices equipped with optical cells that cause the door to bounce when there is an obstacle
The system is provided with a manual switching switch
The device is operated by an operating key and a remote control
The system works by magnetic card